Supported generic styles

All the generic WordPress block styling options listed below are supported by @wp-block-tools/styles. Note that if a style is not supported you can easily implement it yourself by referring to the relevant block attribute for that style.


Inner blocks fill width of container

Layout full width

Inner blocks custom content and wide widths

Layout restricted width

Justify items left - Justify items center - Justify items right - Space between items

Block justification

Orientation horizontal - Orientation vertical

Block orientation

Allow to wrap multiple lines

Allow wrap


  • Background (solid + gradient)
  • Text
  • Link (default + hover) (added in @wp-block-tools/styles@1.3.0)
  • Heading, H1, H3, H3, H4, H5, H6 (text + background + gradient) (added in @wp-block-tools/styles@1.4.0)
  • Button (text + background + gradient) (added in @wp-block-tools/styles@1.5.5 and WPGraphQL Blocks 2.0.2)


  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Decoration
  • Letter case
  • Drop cap (added in @wp-block-tools/styles@1.5.1)


  • Padding
  • Margin
  • Block spacing


  • Border
  • Radius
  • Color
  • Style

Block align

None (Content) - Wide - Full

Layout full width

Block vertical alignment

Align top - Align middle - Align bottom - Stretch to fill

Block vertical alignment


Default, Sticky